Lex Pott selected the decor collection from Abet Laminati and the metal laminate from Homapal. Pott chose to take the use of edge banding as his point of departure. Edge banding is primarily applied to cross-cut edges of panel materials to create the impression that a material is solid. Working with contrasting edge banding gives it a new feel, producing objects with coloured profiles. Based on these materials, he designed the Chroma furniture collection.

'The Chroma items are interesting from multiple perspectives due to the different coloured surfaces. This does maximum justice to the spatial quality of the panel material, lending each piece a different colour combination from another perspective. The optical shadow effect of the coloured surfaces makes it appear as though the shapes have coloured shadows. This effect is reinforced by applying the metal laminates from Homapal in copper and gold on some of the surfaces. Abet Laminati is well known as a trendsetter from Italy, issuing new designs and colours time after time. This rich palette of colours is amply apparent in the Chroma collection', says Pott. 

First four photos by Raw Color 

Year 2015
Material Abet Laminati and Homapal
Dimension Various
Commisioned By Baars & Bloemhoff